The 8 Best Biceps Exercises For Bigger Arms

The 8 Best Biceps Exercises For Bigger Arms

There are guys out there who could spend all day at the gym. And a few actually do. So these post “The 8 Best Biceps Exercises For Bigger Arms” is for you……..

Getting cardio faraway from the confines of the treadmill is straightforward enough.

All you’ve got to try to do is lace your shoes and head outside for a run, bike, or hop within the pool to swim some laps.

Even some strengthening exercises, like squats and planks, are easy to figure into a routine far away from the gym.

Working your arms may a little more problematic. Many of us go-to moves require a full set of dumbbells and other machinery.

The key to taking these moves out of the load room is modifying them just a touch. With these moves, you’ll lose the gym without losing your physique.

Extreme Muscle Mass- Bicep Curlsif you’re biceps simply won’t react.

You’re disgusted turning your wheels, then give this fundamental however successful biceps preparing cycle a twist . . .

You will be inspired by the consequences.

For this technique, you would like to organize your biceps just one occasion for each week utilizing the accompanying cycle.

1. Barbell Curl

Barbell curl

It may add serious size and strength to the whole muscle, often with higher amounts of loading the opposite biceps exercises.

-:- Benefits of the Barbell Curl -:-

1. Simple and Effective

Once you‘ve mastered the technique (which you’ll do so by reading below), you’ll simply add load or reps and build some serious pipes with this barbell-based exercise.

The power to feature higher amounts of loading to the bar makes this exercise still one among the foremost foundational biceps exercises out there.

2. Increase Arm Size

While there are a plethora of biceps exercises and methods to settle on from, the barbell curl finds.

Its way at the highest of each one, primality due to the very fact that it allows a lifter to load weight on a bar, and move it.

The general stimulus of overloading a muscle group and lifting to failure can’t be beaten.

That said, tons of lifters may skip ahead and check out fancier, more flashy versions of biceps exercises.

Make certain to master this one first to create mass, then add the more isolated movements afterward.

3. General Upper Body Arm Strength

One aspect of coaching strength and size is loading, and therefore the barbell curl allows for just that.

Put the barbell curl allows a lifter.  Use more weight in other isolated exercises.

Such because the concentration curl which helps to create general arm size and strength, the building blocks of an excellent arm program.

-:- How to Perform the Barbell Curl -:-

1:  We have to grab a barbell by our underhand grip. Now hold a little away from the shoulder.

2: With the chest up and shoulder blades pulled tightly together, expose the front of your biceps by pulling the shoulders back to the socket.

The elbows should reside under the shoulder, or slightly ahead by the ribs.

3: Curl the barbell up using the biceps, ensuring to not let the torso lean forward, shoulder collapse forward, or the elbows slide backward to the side of the body (they should stay slightly ahead of the shoulders).

2. Chin-Up

8 Best Biceps Exercises For Bigger Arms

The chin-up maybe a bodyweight exercise that will induce serious muscle growth of the biceps (and back). Often, however, lifters may perform these incorrectly, employing a lot of the anterior shoulder and grip muscles.

Make certain to read the how-to-section to maximize chin-up performance, strength, and muscle building.

 Benefits of the Chin-Up

1. Upper Body Pulling Strength

 To increase the upper body strength necessary for overall performance, pull-up training, and general size.

2. No Equipment Needed

Chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, push-ups, etc don’t require any additional weight or equipment, making it an excellent bodyweight exercise to include in any program.

Together progresses, they will increase the quantity (reps) of the chin-up and/or eventually add external loading (weighted vest, dumbbells, chains, etc).

3. Move One’s Bodyweight

This is a skill that a lot of recreational lifters are deficient at. the power to maneuver one’s body with control and stability is important for functional fitnesslifestyle, and injury prevention.

Make certain to master the chin-up and other bodyweight movements additionally to adding loading elsewhere.

How to Perform the Chin-Up

1: Hang from a bar with the wrists supinated (palms facing you) and therefore the hands about shoulder-width apart, or slightly wider.

The broader the hands the more back is involved, and fewer anterior shoulder.

2: From a dead hang, retract and depress the scapula in order that the center back is stable, ensuring to stay the chest up and head cradled in between the arms.

3: With a decent, hollow-core position, slightly recline and pull your chin over the rearensuring to not let the body fold inwards (so many of us do this).

This may obviously be easier than holding the right position, but also will add additional strain on the shoulders.

3. EZ Bar Preacher Curl

8 Best Biceps Exercises For Bigger Arms

The EZ bar preacher curls maybe a bicep curl through with a specialty bar.

The specialty bar places the wrist during a 30-45 degree supinated angle, slightly different than the quality straight bar.

This will help to stimulate different muscle fibers of the bicep and help to scale back strain on the wrists in lifters who may have discomfort with a straight barbell curl.

1. Stimulate New Muscle Fibers

The EZ bar curl allows us to challenge the biceps at varying angles in comparison to the straight bar.

This will be helpful at stimulating new muscle growth and adding variety into arm training.

2. Grow them Peaks

The EZ bar curl does an honest job of isolating the biceps and allows for a deeper degree of flexion at the highest of the movement, furthering the contraction.

3. Joint-Friendly Grip

This semi-supinated grip placement is often less staining on the wrists than the straight bar income lifters who may find discomfort when using the barbell/straight bar bicep curl.


-:- How to Perform the EZ Bar Preacher Curl -:-

1: Set your body within the same position because of the standard barbell bicep curl (chest up, shoulders back, and elbows slightly forward).

2: Grasp the EZ bar handle on the inner angled pieces. this may place your hands slightly narrower than shoulder-width and on a semi-supinated angle.

3: With the body locked in situ, curl the bar upwards as you flex the biceps, briefly pausing at the highest of the curl to flex the biceps. Lower in check, and repeat.

4. Hammer Curl (Dumbbell)

8 Best Biceps Exercises For Bigger Arms

The hammer curl may be a dumbbell curl variation that places the wrists within the neutral position, therefore isolating the brachialis and brachioradialis (outer biceps and forearm).

 -:- Benefits of the Hammer Curl -:-


1. Increased Arm Size and Strength

Unlike the opposite movements, however, the hammer curl adds size and strength to the outer aspect of the biceps and forearms.

Hammer Curl Guide

2. Improved Grip Strength

This can increase grip strength thanks to its targeting of the brachioradialis and forearm/grip muscles (primary thanks to the neutral grip placement).

3. Wrist Stability

The varied wrist position (neutral) can help to strengthen the wrist in other positions than simply supination and pronation.

Making the hammer curls an honest exercise to strengthen wrist stability and grip strength while training arms.

How to Perform the Hammer Curl

1: Grab a pair of dumbbells with the hands to your sides, palms facing the body.

The chest should be tall, shoulders set back and down the rearand therefore the elbows under the shoulders.

2: Lift the dumbbell upwards in order that the thumbs come up first, ensuring to not rotate the wrist into the supinated or pronated position (keep the wrist neutral).

3: The elbows should enter about 100-130 degrees of flexion, forcing the biceps to contract aggressively at the highest. Then, lower in check and repeat.

5. Incline Dumbbell Curl

8 Best Biceps Exercises For Bigger Arms

The incline dumbbell curl maybe a bicep curl variation that placed the lifter during a position that doesn’t allow the shoulder to get entangled.

By placing the lifter on an incline bench, the torso is reclined, exposing more of the biceps and increasing the general range of motion.

-:- Benefits of the Incline Dumbbell Curl -:-


1. Greater Range of Motion

Increasing the range of motion via an incline bench can increase tension on the biceps and train the muscle through new ranges; ultimately increasing muscle damage and stimulating new muscle fibers.

2. Minimal Shoulder Involvement

The incline bench setup forces the lifter to stay the shoulders pulled back and out of the movement, placing higher amounts of loading.

Also the strain on the biceps instead of allowing the shoulder to collapse forward and ultimately use the anterior deltoid to lift the load.

3. Little Cheating Allowed

This position leaves little to chance in terms of cheating, meaning that it’s an excellent thanks to confirming lifters are isolating the biceps correctly and not just swinging or using the shoulders to maneuver the load.

How to Perform the Incline Dumbbell Curl

1: Set an incline bench at a 45-70 degree angle.

2: Grab a pair of dumbbells and hold them by your sides, as you pull the shoulders back and position the chest upwards. the rear and shoulder blades should be pulled tightly together. this may pin the shoulder back and keep them out of the movement

3: With the elbows down towards the ground, curl the weights up to slightly past parallel (about 100 degrees of elbow flexion), pause, contract, then slowly lower the load and repeat.

6. Supinated / Reverse Grip Bent Over Row

Supinated / Reverse Grip Bent Over Row

While this is often a growing movement, one that always is employed to focus on the rear muscles, the supinated grip bent over row is often an efficient pulling exercise to focus on the biceps also.

-:- Benefits of the Reverse Grip Bent Over Row -:-


1. Stronger Arms and Back

Increasing both biceps and back strength and size directly with this compound movement. will be helpful for those that have a limited time within the gym or are looking to maximal both efficiency and effectiveness during a workout program.

2. Maximal Loading on Biceps

The supinated grip row will allow a lifter to use high amounts of loading (relative to barbell curls), which may help to stimulate new arm muscle growth and strength.

3. Strength And Mass

This compound lift can promote overall arm growth and strength, additionally to extend the pulling capacity of the rear and hips also.

The movement is often programmed during the main strength block also, making it a highly effective arm and exercise.

How to Perform the Reverse Grip Bent Over Row

1:At the beginningyou’ve got to grab a barbell.

2: Assume the right bent over row position, with the rear flat and chest up.

3: Row the barbell to the sternum/stomach, ensuring to tug with both the rear and therefore the arms, lowering the load in check and repeating for reps.

7. Cable Curl

8 Best Biceps Exercises For Bigger Arms

The cable curl is often wont to integrate cable training into biceps workout. Using cables can increase time under tension, leave strength to be challenged throughout the range of motion, and enhance muscle growth and engagement via different loading patterns/angles.

Cable Curl

-:- Benefits of the Cable Curl -:-


1. Increased Time Under Tension

Also by Increasing the time under tension via cable training can help to extend hypertrophy and muscular demands on the biceps.

2. Varied Angles

The ability to vary the angle makes it very easy to feature variety and train the biceps curl (or other bicep exercises) from a rather different angle.

In doing so, you’ll keep the muscle fibers guessing and never allow them to completely adapt to at least one movement/angle

3. Manipulate Ranges of Motion

The cables allow coaches and lifters to control the range of motion and angles at which the movement is performed, which may be helpful with lifers who may have limitations with certain “fixed” exercises and/or are looking to vary their biceps training up to stimulate new muscle growth

-:- How to Perform the Cable Curl -:-

1: Set the cables at the specified height, often from a coffee position.

2: Grab the handles, rope, or bar attachment and perform the specified curl variation.

8. Concentration Curl

Concentration Curl

The concentration curl may be a highly isolated bicep exercise that’s often performed at the top of a training session, after main bicep exercises.

Benefits of the Concentration Curl (Dumbbell)


1. Muscle Recruitment

The concentration curl is often an honest isolation movement to assist lifters to recruit more muscle fibers via increase time under tension (slower tempo).

2. Mind-Muscle Connection

The concentration curl is all about the lifter that specializes in using the biceps to maneuver the load, often by slowing controlling the tempo, and maximally flexing throughout the movement.

This will help more mindless lifters become more focused on the task at hand.

3. Maximal Contractions

Throughout the concentration curl, the lifter should be maximally contracting the biceps to strengthen a greater skeletal muscle contraction to stimulate greater force output, engage more muscle fibers, and stimulate muscle growth.

How to Perform the Concentration Curl

1: Sit on a bench with the feet wide to permit your arm to hold within the middle, with elbows/triceps resting on The within of the leg/knee.

2: With a dumbbell in hand, slowly curl the dumbbell upward at a controlled tempo, concentrating on contracting the biceps to maneuver the load

3: At the toes of the movement, flex as hard as you’ll, then slowly lower the load. The key’s to not lose tension on the biceps at any point within the range of motion.


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